At the Campfire

Evening bonfire on at MN lake cabin resort on Fish Trap LakeOur blog for the love of the Minnesota lake resort experience and everything outdoors


Welcome to our blog about our Minnesota lake resort, our Caribbean cabin, and more! We add new posts at least every 2 weeks or so. Here, Heather and Brian Sams, we the owners of Campfire Bay Resort, share stories and tips about our experiences of 22 years of resort ownership, our love of nature and desire to protect it, and outdoors activities. Because we've been around the world, we also write about travel, wellness, and the community of friends and family not only in our own little microcosm here on Fish Trap Lake in northern Minnesota, but beyond.

The Minnesota lake resort cabin is so different from any other type of lodging or vacation destination that it's hard to describe unless you've experienced it. However, we're going to try here in this blog. We've had a variety of life experiences that have been, among other things, entertaining and educational, and we love to share those stories with our guests in the evenings around our central fire pit right on the lake. So if you can't hear about them in person from us at our Minnesota lake resort, we invite you to join us here on our blog, "at the Campfire".

Best Books to Read on Break

The best time to read a book is on vacation and we have a list of the best books to read

There are many moments while on vacation that beg for the perfect book. The quiet time when you’re curling up before the fire in the evening with the scent of fresh air lingering in your hair. Watching the kids hurl themselves off the end of the dock and into the lake. Floating in the middle…

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Top 10 Things to Do Near Little Falls

From beautiful lakes to iconic restaurants, there's a lot to do in central MN

Most people in the world, and even many in the state of Minnesota, have never heard of Little Falls. Or if they have, it’s just a place to gas up or pass by on their way to the cabin up north. That’s unfortunate, because there are so many interesting things to see, taste, and experience…

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Spring Break at the Lake

Relax on the sandy beach at at Minnesota lake resort for spring break

Sure, the hot sandy beaches of Florida or Cozumel are inviting in the spring, especially if you live in a cold climate. The idea of sitting on a beach in the sun with a frosty drink in your hand seems idyllic. At least, until you think of all the time, energy, and money it will…

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How to Create the Perfect Romantic Cabin Getaway

Two feet snuggle by the fire during a romantic cabin getaway at a Minnesota lake resort

Does your relationship with your significant other need a pick me up? An escape from the busyness of life to a quiet place in nature may just be what you need. We aren’t relationship experts, but we have been married for almost thirty years and dated for over four before that, so we do know…

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Top 10 Things To Do in the Brainerd Lakes Area in the Winter

Winter Activities in the Brainerd Lakes Area of Minnesota include sitting by a bonfire at a lake resort

If you live in a cold climate, the thought of a winter vacation in that cold climate instead of say, the Caribbean, may not excite you. You don’t know what you’re missing! We want to encourage you to take another look at a spring break or winter getaway to a lake cabin in northern Minnesota.…

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Our Roadmap to Goal Achievement

family walking on a road at a Minnesota lake resort, with one child biking

“What made you think of running a resort?” is a question we’ve been asked many times. The complete answer is a long one, but the short answer is — goal achievement.  Without goals and plans to achieve them, our desires, and yours, are just destinations without a roadmap to get there. And without a roadmap,…

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Campfire Bay Resort’s Highlights of the Year 2023

Bride with dress blowing in the wind is being held by groom while kissing in front of Fish Trap Lake at a Minnesota resort

So many memorable things happened at Campfire Bay Resort this past year!  Construction projects, new office systems, great guests, and new employees helped make 2023 fly by in a pleasant blur. Let’s review the highlights of the year in chronological order with–  Our Top 12 Highlights of the Year 2023 Years ago, when our guest…

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Our First Ever Top 10 Gift Idea List

Christmas gifts under a tree at a Minnesota lake resort cabin

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift? Heck, let’s not kid ourselves here– any gift–for someone on your list? I’ve personally found some great gifts in the past from recommended gift lists in magazines or online. Even though there are a lot of gift idea lists out there, since we all have different tastes,…

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Family Holiday Traditions

Gingerbread making is a tradition of the owners of Minnesota lake cabin resort, Campfire Bay

Even if you like change and adventure, you probably still enjoy at least a couple of traditions at the holidays whether it be a turkey meal, or the ugly sweaters, or coming to a cabin at Campfire Bay Resort (we love that tradition!).  At our heart’s core, we all like to have things we can…

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Finding Peace During the Holidays at the Lake Cabin 

Snowy night landscape with brightly lit lodge at Minnesota lake resort

Are you dreading cleaning and preparing your home for a house full of people for the holidays?  Or is the hosting home too inconveniently located or appointed?  Maybe it’s time to celebrate the holidays at a cozy lake cabin!   Holidays at the Lake Cabin —Less Mess, Less Stress Family fellowship and favorite foods often…

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