Fishing on Fish Trap Lake

The Lake

Extremely picturesque with its many beautiful islands, bays, and points, Fish Trap Lake is both a photographer and fisherman's dream.  Bald eagles, loons, and great blue herons make this lake their home as do schools of walleye, northern pike, large mouth bass, crappie, and other pan fish.

Fish Trap has 13.7 miles of shoreline and 1303 acres of recreational pleasure.  The lake offers a variety of challenging structure with steep shoreline breaks, sunken islands, rocky flats and a 10ft to 14ft weed line.  The deepest point is 42 ft with a median depth of 23 ft.

The Fish

The DNR stocks walleye yearly, resulting in an average size of around two pounds, with five to six pounds being very common. Currently, there are high numbers of walleye over 15 inches long in the lake.

Bass in the four pound class are common with some six plus pounders caught each year.

The Crappie population is very healthy on Fish Trap as well, with frequent catches of 1.5 to 2 pound fish found in a net with a full limit.

Northern Pike are easily found by trolling or by casting with spoons; a successful slot limit on northerns has raised their overall size over the last three years.

Fishing Advice

If you want advice on where and how to fish for any species, we can point you in the right direction!  Fishing guide services are available in the area, as well.

Check out our videos about fishing walleye on Fish Trap Lake both in summer and winter here below!

Below are some of our favorite fish photos from the last few years. Click on the Facebook link at the bottom of this page for fish pictures that our guests have taken!